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Oh Natural
Posted: Apr, 10, 2017
Oh Natural

There are a lot of good natural skincare brands out there, and in my eyes they are all winners as they are changing the industry for the better, by creating healthier alternatives to the products we use on our bodies everyday.


But every so often, I come across a skincare brand that is just a little bit more special. I can tell when this happens, because an initial dabble with their products just isn't enough, and I want to keep using them again and again because I am seeing results.


My latest love is Cosima Skincare.


I am not alone in this love. Cosima's website boasts a myriad of testimonials from other customers who are ecstatic with the performance this Australian-made advanced natural skincare. And that’s exactly what it is that I love about the products, they really do work.


This was founder, Angela Tyler's aim when she started Cosima Skincare. To create a skincare line that performed, without false promises and was completely natural – and she has done just that. The reason behind the exceptional performance of these products is the clinically proven natural actives in the products. The Cosima range includes both facial and body care products, along with a 'Flawless' range which a range of Natural Botox Alternatives! Cosima Skincare is also the first Certified Organic Cosmeceutical range in Australia - something to be proud of indeed!


I've recently been using the following products from the range. Each of them I couldn't recommend highly enough and can't wait to try the rest of the Cosima range!

Foaming Cleanser - Nourishing

Replenishing Day Cream

Regenerating Night Cream

Flawless Active Enzyme Peel

Flawless Cream - Natural Botox Alternative

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