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How to Look Younger ~ 15 Beauty Tips that Work!

How to Look Younger ~ 15 Beauty Tips that Work!
16 December 2020 No comments

When it comes to looking younger, there are a lot of factors a play. Some of it is of course genetics, but there are lots of other elements that play a role in how young you can look. Hairstyles, skincare product choices, diet, and lifestyle choices can make a difference in how your skin ages. While these differences may not happen overnight, with some consistency and patience, incorporating healthier choices into your daily life can not only help you look younger and feel younger too! Here are some quick beauty tips to help you look younger:

1 Increase your vitamin C intake

Let’s take your diet first. We all know that it’s better to avoid sugar and junk food when we can, for health reasons but we don’t often think about what we should be adding to our diet. Vitamin C, for example, is a nutritious and beneficial addition to your meals that can help you look younger. Vitamin C can boost your body’s collagen and help your skin maintain a healthy glow, thereby making it look younger. Try adding some bell peppers to your diet, or choosing oranges and strawberries when you’re craving a snack so that it becomes an effortless addition to your routine.

2 Decrease your sugar intake

Sugar is a hard, hard habit to break but once you do...you’ll feel a world of difference! We all know that sugar can take its toll on our body, but it can also be a contributing factor in aging. Increased intake from fructose and glucose can lead to the process of glycation. As excess sugar floats into your bloodstream, it can speed up the skin aging process - especially if you have a high-sugar diet. Even reducing your consumption by a quarter can make a huge difference in your skin texture and elasticity.

3 Wash up before going to bed

Another part of our routine that can make a difference in how your skin ages? Taking your makeup off before going to bed and ensuring you cleanse every night. Cleansers are important because they nourish your skin, giving it vital ingredients it needs to stay healthy. They are also necessary for removing the dirt and grime that collects over the course of the day. If that dust and grime remain, it just collects and leaves your skin less happy and glowy then it should be. Think of this way: For each night you sleep in your makeup, your skin speeds up the aging process by 8 days! So really, even sleeping in your makeup once or twice a week can end up making your skin look far older than it should. Starting with a gentle cleanser like our Foaming Cleanser - Nourishing is the perfect way to start adding cleansing to your daily routine.

4 Stay hydrated

We know, we know. Everyone talks about how important it is to stay hydrated...but it’s so important that it bears repeating. Hydration is key to helping your skin maintain a glow rather than looking dull and sallow. Getting enough water can play an important role in how your skin ages over time. We’re all guilty of not drinking enough water during the day, but try to drink water constantly - not just when you’re thirsty. Getting a water bottle with daily intakes marked on it is a great way to remind yourself to drink enough water on a daily basis.

While drinking water is important, you can consume a significant amount of water by including a variety of water rich fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Here are our top 20 hydrating beauty food picks for and edible healthy glow.

  • 1. Lettuce Water content: 96%
  • 2. Cucumber Water content: 95%
  • 3. Celery Water content: 95%
  • 4. Coconut Water Water content: 95%
  • 5. Tomatoes Water content: 94%
  • 6. Zucchini Water content: 94%
  • 7. Watermelon Water content: 92%
  • 8. Cabbage Water content: 92%
  • 9. Cauliflower Water content: 92%
  • 10. Capsicum/Peppers Water content: 92%
  • 11. Strawberries Water content: 91%
  • 12. Rockmelon Water content: 90%
  • 13. Peaches Water content: 89%
  • 14. Blackberries Water content 88%
  • 15. Papaya Water content 88%
  • 16. Oranges Water content: 88%
  • 17. Grapefruit Water content: 88%
  • 18. Plums Water content 87%
  • 19. Raspberries Water content 86%

  • 20. Pineapple Water content 86%

5 You are what you eat

As scientists learn more about diet and the body, it’s increasingly clear that what you eat can significantly affect the health and aging of your skin

Consuming foods with healthy fats can help with the signs of ageing by plumping the skin, assisting the skin’s moisture barrier and helping to prevent and reduce inflammation.

There are 2 types of healthy fats important for maintaining skin health.

  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids are building blocks of cell membranes. They help prevent skin dryness to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids nourish your skin, maintain skin thickness, fight free radicals and are important for radiance and add softness to your complexion.

Some great sources of these are;

  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids
  • Seeds, nuts, grains, vegetable oils (corn, cottonseed, safflower, sesame, soybean, sunflower), green leafy vegetables, avocado.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines, canola oil, walnuts, soybeans, ground flaxseeds, and fortified eggs

6 Keep a consistent skincare routine

Buying lots of anti-aging products might be tempting, but hold off on that urge. The key isn’t buying lots of products, it’s buying thoughtfully and being patient. Most skincare products won’t do much overnight. For most products, it can take a bit of time, weeks, or months even for it to really start to make a difference. By contrast, if patience isn’t always your strong suit, we’ve created our Cosima products to work faster - you can see effects in as little a week. Cosima product are formulated to provide instant and longer term results. We encourage you to take a “before” photo and a progress photo in 1-2 months it’s amazing to see the improvements you will achieve and because we look at ourselves everyday you can miss seeing difference your skincare routine has made, It’s one of those changes that you don’t see at first and then all of a sudden you notice it. With consistent usage, you’ll start seeing results. When choosing skin care products, look for ingredients that have anti-aging skin perfecting properties and that they are in percentages high enough to make a difference, that’s why at Cosima we use ingredients at their clinically proven levels or higher so you get the results you deserve. Stick with any new product for at least a month to see if they work for you before deciding to look for something new.

7 Play around with hair colors

Aging is very much a process and sometimes your appearance can make it seem like you’re aging a bit faster than you actually are. For example, darker hair colors can make thinning, greying hair more visible, thereby making you look a little older. It can also cast a shadow on your face and create illusions of more pronounced wrinkles. You can counteract this by going lighter with your hair. Some stylists recommend 2 shades lighter, others 3, add some highlights as well to lighten the shadows and give you a younger and fresher look.

8 Treat yourself to a mask every so often

Giving yourself some time and attention is important, and if you can combine this with some anti-aging skin care products...well, that’s even better. If nothing, give yourself 15-20 minutes once a week for some self-care, relaxation and pampering. Masks are perfect since they can be applied quickly, you can choose to stop and relax and recharge or still go about your day and they can help in making your skin look younger. Our soothing clay mask is perfect for mature skin. The clay helps remove dead cells, and it’s packed with antioxidants and other skin perfecting ingredients that help your skin look more healthy and radiant. I absolutely love the radiant glow after a mask.

9 Curl your lashes

It’s a simple thing, but it really helps. As you get older, your lashes naturally begin to droop and flatten down. This gives the illusion of your eyes looking smaller and less bright. After the age of 35, it’s incredibly important to start curling your lashes. It helps them retain their shape, and defy gravity essentially. The overall result will help your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more youthful - and it only takes a few seconds in the morning to do! As second easy way to open the eye area and create larger more youthful looking eyes is mascara. Mascara gives a lift to your whole face helping you look brighter and younger.

10 Leave your hair down more often

For most of us, the natural instinct is to tie up our hair into tight ponytails and buns. Firstly, this isn’t great for hair, and it can often lead to a lot more breakage and thinning...which in turn, may end up aging you a bit more than you like. Secondly, tight ponytails and buns can draw a lot more attention to your face and give it more of a harsh look. Often, it can end up drawing attention to lines and wrinkles that would otherwise go unnoticed. Leaving your hair down more often can help soften your look and take away some of that attention. And if you’re not a fan of leaving your hair down, try to tie looser ponytails or opt for gentler options like scrunchies to give your hair some room to breathe.

11 Incorporate a serum into your routine

We’ve already touched on some of the effects skincare can have on aging, but let’s look at the impact of individual products. One of the more overlooked skincare products tends to be serums, but those are oftentimes the most potent part of a skincare routine. Serums provide a concentrated dose to your skin of anti-aging properties and can have a major impact. Picking a serum that has the right anti-aging properties is important though, to really get the most benefit. For example, our Flawless Serum is a natural Botox alternative, delivering similarly great results such as smoothing fine lines and wrinkles as processes like Botox but without painful injections. Using the right serum, and using it consistently can make a huge impact on the radiance and smoothness of your skin over time, and help you appear younger.

12 Use a Enzyme and Salicylic Acid Mask

Using a good enzyme and acid mask/peel consistently, one that has both multiple enzymes and salicylic will have immediate cumulative benefits. The longer you use them, the better your skin will look and feel. We always recommend once using it a week or fortnight, using it weekly will speed up the results however if you have dry skin starting at once a fortnight will still give amazing results and will help dryer skin types to adjust to it effects and hit skin will soon be able to easily tolerate the actives. Using a Enzyme and Salicylic mask regularly will help build collagen, reduce fine lines and pigmentation, and generally brighten and help thicken your skin. Remember your skin gets thinner with age. This is one easy step to keep you looking younger. Try our Award Winning Flawless Active Enzyme Peel weekly and start seeing the difference this key step will make.

13 Reconsider some of your beauty products

There are a lot of makeup tips out there to help you look younger. And while yes, they do make a difference, but it’s not just about the makeup itself but how you apply it too. If you find yourself pulling your skin a lot when applying products like foundation or not using the right applicators, you can end up doing more damage for your skin. Adding simple tools like sponges and wedges can help in applying makeup more smoothly while also keeping your skin intact - especially when applying foundation. Simply dampen your sponge a little with water and add a dab of foundation to your hand. Dip the tip of the sponge and gently pat on to your skin. The gentler motions will help your skin feel less pulled and tight, while also giving you full coverage without being too cakey to help you achieve a fresh youthful look.

14 Pearly Whites

A beautiful bright smile can take years off. Teeth stains and yellowing can make us look older than we are but luckily there are easy solutions like whitening toothpaste and at home whitening kits.

15 Don’t Forget your Hands

Our hands are often the most exposed part of our body and are subject to constant environmental factors that cause damage and can accelerate the ageing process. This can either inadvertently give your age away or make you look older than you are. Make sure you look after your hands and include them in your skincare routine.

Our Age Delay Hand & Nail Cream is formulated to achieve results in the shortest time possible using the most effective, groundbreaking clinically proven ingredients in concentrations that actually work to leave your hands looking and feeling their BEST. Reducing the appearance dark spots / pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, plumps the skin /builds collagen to reduce the appearance of "skeletal" looking hands and leaves the skin beautifully hydrated

You’ll find a lot of beauty tips out there about looking younger, and often it can feel overwhelming or that nothing quite makes the difference that you like. While yes, you can’t really stop the process of aging, but if you can make simple changes to your routine, you can keep the process from speeding up. Even incorporating half of these tips into your life can make a big difference. And when you start hydrating more and adding healthier choices to your diet, you will see the difference. The key to all of these tips is about consistency. Even when it seems difficult or that it’s not quite working - stick to it! You’ll see the differences, but it takes consistency and a just a little patience.

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