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Redness/ Rosacea

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  • Soothing Clay Mask

    A mini face-lift at home. This French clay mask is suitable for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin types. Clay is rich in minerals, pomegranate rich in antioxidants for healthy, radiant skin. Clay removes dead skin cells stimulates blood circulation and detoxifies your skin. Clay tones and strengthens the connective tissues. Learn More
  • Beautiful Skin Pack - Nourishing

    Give the gift of healthy radiant skin with Cosima Skincare. Our packs are the perfect gift, or keep it for yourself, we won't tell.

    Beautiful Skin Pack - Nourishing Receive a FREE cleanser SAVE $35!

    Ultimate Complexion Perfection Pack

    Hydrate, Calm and Radiance Renewal 

    Pack Includes

    •  Award Winning Replenishing Day Cream
    •  Regenerating Night Cream
    •  PhytoActive Hydrator/Toner Nourishing 
    •  FREE Award Winning Foaming Cleanser Nourishing SAVE $35!!
    •  Cosima Skincare Cosmetic Bag 
    Learn More
  • Completely Flawless Pack

    Give the gift of healthy radiant skin with Cosima Skincare. Our packs are the perfect gift, or keep it for yourself, we won't tell.

    Completely Flawless Pack - Receive a FREE Flawless Active Enzyme Peel SAVE $69!

    Ultimate Anti-Ageing, Anti Wrinkle Pack!

    Correct, Perfect, Protect
    Pack Includes
    • Award Winning Flawless Cream
    • Flawless Serum
    • Award Winning Flawless Eye Cream
    • FREE Award Winning Flawless Active Enzyme Peel SAVE $69!! 
    • Cosima Skincare Cosmetic Bag
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  • Glow Getters Pack

    Pack Value $188 Saving you $49!!

    The Glow Getters, Dream Team and Dynamic Duo are often used to describe these 2 gorgeous products. Use the peel and Pure Potent C at night and when you wake up in the morning you will not believe the difference in your skin, yes truly after only 1 application! Amazing results on their own but when used together the results are seriously supercharged. Whatever the skin concern these 2 products together are the answer and acne does not stand a chance! Instantly revealed Brighter, Smoother, Younger more Radiant Skin. Discover the cosmeceutical difference and skincare that delivers what it promises 

    Did you know that not all vitamin C is created equal, most vitamin c products on the market use unstable forms of vitamin c. Vitamin C is an ingredient that oxidises rapidly making it very unstable, once vitamin C oxidises it loses its potency and benefits for your skin. Our Vitamin C serum uses the most stable and potent form of vitamin C available in the world, allowing for maximum transdermal absorption, this patented technology is a breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare. Our form of vitamin c is clinically proven to be stable for the life of your product to the last drop ensuring maximum results and benefits for your skin another reason why Cosima Skincare is the number one choice for maximising your skins condition and underlying health. Beautiful, youthful radiant skin starts with Cosima. 

    The product that changes your skin from blah to AMAZING in 10 minutes! Flawless Active Enzyme Peel = Beautiful Radiant Skin

    Some may call it an unfair advantage, we call it our secret weapon! Our beautiful Peel will take your skincare routine to the next level

    Our Flawless Active Enzyme Peel is blend of multiple fruit enzymes, natural salicylic acid from Willow Bark, potent antioxidants, resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and organic acai juice that deliver amazing results in as little as 10 minutes. This powerful formulation brightens and lightens your skin, stimulates cell growth, exfoliates, increases firmness and tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a visibly younger, smoother more refined complexion.

    Learn More
  • ESSENTIAL Microfibre Makeup Remover - Cleansing Pad

    Cosima ESSENTIAL Microfibre Makeup Remover - Cleansing Pad. 

    Just add water to gently remove makeup, dirt and impurities. Works Perfectly for all skin types even the most sensitive. 

    Our special fibres are designed to deeply clean and remove all traces of makeup, dirt, pollution leaving you with beautiful fresh clean skin. Can be used alone with water or your favourite Cosima Cleanser for a Clean like never before. The Eco Friendly Alternative to face wipes! 


    Use either cold or warm water to wet the cleansing pad and watch the magic begin, our special fibres reach deep into your pores to remove and hold onto all traces of makeup, dirt and impurities leaving your skin beautifully clean and fresh. Can be used with water alone or with a small amount of your favourite Cosima Cleanser, if you like to double cleanse the microfibre cleansing pads are fantastic as your “second cleanse”. So effective yet so simple to use. 

    Designed for even the most sensitive skin, gently wipe on face there is no need use pressure or tug on the skin the fibres are designed to do the hard work for you. The microfibre pads are fantastic to use when removing face masks, oil cleansers and cleansing balms.


    Wash with warm water and soap after each use and let the cleansing pad air dry, hang on a hook by the tag if possible and once a week put your cleansing pad in the washing machine with your white or light colour wash - easy!

    Do not use fabric softener when cleaning in the washing machine as this will coat the special fibres and reduce efficacy.

    Learn More
  • PhytoActive Hydrator/Toner - Nourishing

    A beautiful hydrator and anti-ageing treatment all in one. Using a concentrated blend of antioxidants, Hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals selected to balance PH and help skin restore and repair itself. Perfect for use on the go or anytime your skin needs an instant hydration and radiance boost. Formulated for all skin types especially normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin. Directions After cleansing spray directly onto face and neck or put a small amount onto cotton ball/pad and gently wipe. Spray throughout the day to keep skin refreshed and hydrated, or after applying make-up to set. Learn More
  • Purely Radiant Elixir - Nourishing

    Concentrated blend of nourishing oils with Chamomile and mushroom patented, certified organic dehydrasome delivery system to help skin regain a younger, more radiant look. Carefully selected oils to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin helping restore youthful radiance. Formulated for normal, mature, dry skin types and skin prone to redness. Use at night. After cleansing and toning apply 2-3 drops and gently massage into skin until fully absorbed or mix a few drops with you choice of Cosima moisturiser. Learn More
  • Polished To Perfection - Multi Active Exfoliating Powder with Coconut Milk

    4 Review(s)
    Gentle, water activated powder exfoliating treatment will instantly reveal a brighter, younger more radiant skin. Our unique active formula combines coconut milk, enzymes, rice bran powder, acai, oatmeal and niacinamide (vitamin b3 ) that work together to lift away dead skin cells, brighten dull skin and promote cell renewal, you will see real results from the first use. Use daily. Suitable for all skin types. Directions: Cleanse skin and dispense a half to one teaspoon amount into hands, rub hands together to form a creamy paste, massage over face, neck and d├ęcolletage using circular motions for 1 minute, rinse with water. Learn More
  • Award Winning Foaming Cleanser - Nourishing

    2 Review(s)
    Reveal beautiful soft skin. A gentle nourishing soap free face wash suitable for all skin types especially dry, mature and sensitive skin. Use to remove make up, dirt and unclog your pores. Your skin will feel fresh, soft and beautifully clean. All Cosima products are concentrated so a little really does go a long way. Learn More
  • Award Winning - Replenishing Day Cream

    2 Review(s)
    A rich non greasy face cream full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin. This cream will fight the signs of premature ageing giving your skin a healthy glow. Perfect for use under make up. Daily UVA & DNA Defence All Cosima products are concentrated so a little really does go a long way. Learn More

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